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Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Lizelle Engelbrecht is a contemporary painter, currently living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

An artist since a very young age, she sold her first painting at the age of 6. Lizelle  has been working as a professional artist since 2009.

In between selling her first painting and studying Fine Art at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Lizelle was predominantly an artist specializing in figurative charcoal and graphite drawings. It was her move to Bangkok in 2011 which inspired the desire to pursue her painting career and changed her into an experimental painter.

Lizelle has worked as an Art and Design teacher in various parts of the world, including Thailand and Vietnam. Living in these countries granted her the opportunity to show her work through solo exhibitions to diverse audiences around the world.

Today, she is actively producing art in the Middle East and also runs her own private atelier studio, teaching art and design. This is a very exciting time for Lizelle, as she is exploring the next phase of her art work and is working towards becoming the first South African woman to exhibit her work in Saudi Arabia.


‘As an Abstract Expressionists, I create atmospheric art that brilliantly radiates luminosity and magnificent rich texture which stems from a subconscious and intuitive process.

The themes of my paintings are visual representations of my present surroundings and experiences  – a reflection and emotional response to captured memories. These translate to reflective abstract landscapes, subjects of nature and compositions that have been imagined.

The paintings that I create have a sense of movement and 3-dimentionality, with unique variations of light and shadows that project onto the canvases and constantly change depending on their surroundings. My painting process involves layers upon layers of mixed media. Oil paint, cold wax, texture and resin create a vast history of layers into which I can scrape, add, excavate and build upon.

My paintings all share the same underlying theme of nature, sea and skyscapes, and all convey a sense of impulsive unpredictability’. Altogether my art has a unified underlying theme of luminosity and otherworldly charm’. 


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