Born in Cape Town, South Africa, I am a professional artist currently living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The themes of my work are generally visual representations of my immediate surroundings, memories and personal experiences. This inspires my current body of work which is a collaboration of Arabian-inspired landscapes and subjects with a uniquely South African twist. My art studio is characterized by experimentation with various materials and exploration of several artistic techniques. This has led to the conception of a new exciting series of paintings by merging my earlier, traditional methods of artmaking, with an exhilarating modern style. These new pieces are a combination of traditional materials like oil paint and ink with more striking materials like gold-leaf, aluminium and epoxy resin.


My current work is based on a series of luminous abstract landscapes, nature subjects and imaginary compositions. Using A combination of reflective materials, the surface of my canvasses or woodblocks are typically primed and cured with gold leaf, metal leaf, concrete and/or texture pastes and aluminium. On some pieces, I add oil-painted subjects, and other pieces naturally develop an alluring and otherworldly character, especially when I use various resin pouring techniques and incandescent pigments. Although the pieces sometimes vary in subject matter, method and technique, altogether they have a unified underlying theme of luminosity and express reflective qualities. When viewed from all perspectives, the ever-changing light, whether natural or synthetic, dramatically alters the luminosity of these paintings. As a result of the 3-dimensional aspect of some pieces, viewers are also able to witness the unique variations of light and shadows that project onto the canvasses. This makes these paintings seem alive that brilliantly radiates luminosity and texture.

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